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Navigating the Digital Revolution in Short Term Rentals

Orana Stay is built for the digital generation who demand control over their experiences

Have you embraced the Digital Revolution?

It comes as no major surprise to any of us that the last two plus years have seriously damaged the short term rental industry, and while not alone this industry sure has taken the brunt of it. Not only has it impacted the short term rental market financially, it has actually forced the industry to get stuck in 2020 from a technical perspective, while the rest of the world has rapidly moved to a 2022 focus.

What, a digital revolution!?!

Amongst all the noise and fear, a major technology revolution actually occurred over the last two years, and it was the biggest global shift ever. The entire planet started using their personal devices for everything from checking into restaurants via QR codes, to ordering home deliveries and having meetings. We even attended conferences and caught up with family on our devices.

What we failed to realize is that this move was indirectly forced on us, and since then everything has or is moving online, and the pace of this continues at a staggering rate.

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