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Creating a Digital App Guest Experience like no other

Orana Stay is your digital concierge app that drives revenue growth and guest experiences

A fully branded digital app from Orana Stay will provide your guests with an amazing experience from start to end.

Before they STAY:

Guests crave information, so set them up
for a fantasic stay with.

  • Built-in maps, directions and weather
  • Check-in instructions
  • Local attractions and insights
Orana Stay helps your guests find you, with the built in Google maps platform
Orana Stay is on the go with your guest, no matter where they are travelling from
During their STAY:

Take the stress out of your guests stay with

  • Introductory videos and images
  • WiFi password and access codes
  • Instructions for appliances
  • The best local restaurants and cafes
  • Promote local attractions
  • Bookings made directly in the app
  • Direct messaging to reception
After they STAY:

Guide your guests with

  • Departure instructions
  • Options to provide a fantastic review
  • Direct re-booking options, saving you fees
  • Social media posts
With Orana Stay, showcase your social media sites so that your guests post their travels

Meet Annette Blake

Orana Stay Brand Ambassasor

Annette and Gavin Blake are the owners of 14 Lovel Street, located in the world heritage listed Blue Mountains, located just outside Sydney Australia.

Orana Stay has helped Annette, who is also an author, cut her front-of-house hours while given her guests the information they want before they even arrive.

Listen to her journey and why Orana Stay can do the same for your business.

At Orana Stay, we take your security very seriously. You can place security onto your Digital Concierge ensuring access to approved guests only

Need Your Stay to be Secure?

This is not a problem with Orana Stay, and is completely optional. We include three built in security levels as standard, ensuring you are in full control of every guest who can access your digital concierge. And with full logging in place, you can track the usage of the app.

If you PMS supports integrations with Orana Stay, we can even automate the process to automatically add new guests to the authorized user list, if this is the level of protection you need. 

And with Orana Stay, your content is never visible to the browser until the authentication has actually taken place. This is essential to prevent unauthorized content access.

Digital App Testimonials

The Orana Stay NFC tags give you the opportunity to get your guests to tap on when they arrive

Orana Digital App Tags

Technology is here to help you. However, instead of using QR codes and manual links, those guests who have not installed the App can simply “tap on” when they arrive at your hotel. 

Furthermore, these NFC tags are printed with your hotel logo on them, ensuring you maximize your branding. Additionally, NFC tags also allow you to provide personalized information to your guests.

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