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We Continue Where Your Property Management Software (PMS) Ends

Designed from the ground up for property managers

Choose between the classic look or the vibrant look, the choice is yours


Integrated and easy to use

Orana’s digital welcome guide seamlessly integrates with several PMS’ (booking software) and is easy to set up and so easy for guests to navigate.

Enhanced guest experience

It allows you to create a branded and tailored guide with all the information your guests want and need to know to ensure they make the most of their stay, including local recommendations for restaurants and attractions to detailed instructions on how to use amenities and facilities in your property as well as insider tips. 

Increased revenue

Our platform allows you to promote your property's amenities and services directly to your guests. This means you can easily upsell additional services like room upgrades, spa treatments, and more. Highlight suggested itineraries to increase duration of stays.

Easy to keep updated

With our platform, updating your welcome guide is a breeze with guides always being immediately available and up-to-date. And if you are using compatible property management software, it can even update itself, automatically!

No more paper-based guides

Say goodbye to unhygienic and often out of date guides. Our guide is available on guests' phones, meaning they can access the information they need on-the-go and at their convenience.


By going digital, you can reduce your carbon footprint and show your commitment to sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important to modern travelers.

Integrate & Automate

By utilizing property management software that is compatible with Orana Stay, you have the ability to fully integrate and automate your digital welcome book. This results in the seamless updating of over 80% of your guidebook using information you already possess. Additionally, we offer comprehensive integrations with Trip Advisor and Yelp, enabling your guests to receive incredible recommendations automatically.

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EXTENDED BOOKINGS: By sharing your guide with them early on, it allows guests to plan activities and even find local attractions before they arrive. 

“The volume of extended bookings that occurred after our customers went live with Orana Stay was a really unexpected benefit of the guest app.”

UPSELL: You have a captive audience, so your scope to upsell to your guests is unlimited. Perhaps there is a local winery, a theme part or fine dining nearby. Use this to showcase the area, but earn extra revenue for these opportunities.

The Return On Your Investment

TIME: Everyone knows how busy it gets in any accommodation industry. By implementing a modern guest experience app, you empower your guests to find out the answers they would otherwise contact you about. This frees up your time to build your business and also to focus your attention on engaging guests at a far higher level.

OTA FEES: Fees vary, but can be substantial. Encourage guests to book direct which enables you to offer a discount over the OTA and still make more money than you would otherwise. This does rely on you having an effective book-direct website, the rewards can be significant.

REVIEWS: The lifeblood of your business is exceptional reviews. Encourage guests to leave reviews via the app, plus promote your social media platforms to encourage engagement to drive bookings to your site.

BRAND: Your brand is the most important aspect of your business, and it needs to be marketed comprehensively. By creating a modern guest app, your brand is on your guests’ devices before, during and long after their stay. And when the time comes for their next vacation, they can find your accomodation easily, no getting lost in the sea of competing properties.

Our Services

Guest Guides

Our digital guest guides are built from the ground up to market your brand and engage with your guests. The goal is to create a personalised and steamlined guest experience

Comms Hub

Our smart engine allows you to communicate with guests via many platforms. This creates a seamless communication flow that empowers your guests and promotes your brand


Your time is valuable, so use our expertise to onboard your entire portfolio. You focus on engaging your guests while we build your fully branded guest guides (optional service)


Let us take care of keeping your guest guides up to date. Focus on your business while we focus on keeping your guests engaged and informed (optional service)

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