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Tailored solutions for your property management, motel, hotel, or boutique business. From one property to two thousand rooms, we've got you covered.

Try Orana Stay Lite for FREE

It is quick and easy to get started, and 7-days free trial once you complete the setup.

Try Orana Stay Lite for FREE

It is quick and easy to get started, and 7-days free trial once you complete the setup.
Now automatically populated places to eat, places to visit and local events using the power of Yelp. Simply select the option and our smart guides do the rest.

Fully Integrated With

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Introducing the Guesty Experience

Imagine having a completely seamless experience where all of your properties are managed with digital guidebooks that automatically update from your Guesty PMS, and your guides are constantly updated.

Well, now you can make that dream a reality! Introducing the Guesty and Orana Software partnership, offering a fully integrated and branded experience with your own Orana Stay app. With simple rules, you can easily control guest access and update content automatically from Guesty, while also including your property images automatically in Orana Stay.

Designed specifically for property managers who want to regain their time and take their business to the next level, Orana Stay is built from the ground up to cater to your needs. Save time, boost your revenue, and delight your guests with this innovative platform.

Elevate Your Guest Experience and Increase Revenue

Real-time app translation into 107 languages, using our AI technology

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Hear from our Founder and CEO, Roger Graham, on why you need Orana Stay. Guest experience is important, but so is driving additional revenue. If you want to improve your bottom line, you need Orana Stay.

Why An Orana App

Upgrade to a seamless and efficient guest experience with our digital guest information compendium. Say goodbye to outdated paper-based compendiums, and hello to easy-to-update digital information that is always accessible to your guests on their preferred device.

The Orana Stay App eliminates the need for reliance on your website and provides guests with all the information they need to have a fantastic stay – even when offline.

Empower your guests and streamline your operations with the Orana Stay App

What is your look?

The decision is in your hands. Opt for the timeless classic in simplicity and user-friendliness, or embrace the vibrant in dynamic with a polished interface. Whichever path you choose, it will elevate your business to a higher level of guest experience.

Choose between the classic look or the vibrant look, the choice is yours

With some really smart technology, it will automatically update when your content does. And with built-in fallback technology, when your guest goes offline your guide will automatically adjust to keep engaging.

Saving your precious time

Getting the same questions day in and day out? You can save your time with your own branded Orana App by directing your guests there.

Drive an amazing experience

Todays guests want the freedom to plan and control their experience. Your digital concierge allows them to plan their stay quickly, easily and anywhere.

Encourage 5-star reviews

Use your digital concierge to encourage those 5-star reviews. These in turn will encourage new guests to book and repeat guests to book.

Orana Stay Digital Compendium App

An app to drive reviews, referrals and have guests return

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Orana Stay promotes your venue long after a guest has departed
Promote the local area with Orana Stay App

A strong, fast-growing accommodation business?

Promote the local area with Orana Stay App

More frequent and high-quality 5-star guest reviews?

Guests can book into amazing experience in the area from the app

Happy guests to promote your
brand and deliver growth?

Key App Benefits


Your brand is a powerful feature of the app. The entire guide gets branded with your logo, colors and more. 

Plus you get your own fully branded icon on your guests phone, which is there to remind them of their journey.

Orana delivers innovation into the hands of your guests
Orana puts amazing technology into the hands of your guest in the form of digital guidebooks

Our built-in language translations make communicating with international guests a breeze. 

The guest simply selects their language and your guide instantly displays in their language.


You are passionate about your local area and people, and what it offers your guests. 

Make this a feature of your app, promote the locals and drive up tourism.

It is all possible with Orana Stay.

Promote local activies in your area via your app, your guests will love you for it
14 Lovel Street Katoomba uses

No. 14 Guest Feedback for Orana Stay

This is so awesome!!!

Featured Customer

No.14 Lovel St is a quiet place to relax in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Where guests come back to recharge after squeezing every last drop out of their day.

Welcoming guests since 1913 we operate as both a hostel (a peaceful not a party hostel) – and a private rental guesthouse, where you have exclusive use of the house

With Orana Stay the return on investment (ROI) can be realized quickly

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