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Amazing Boutique Hotels need amazing hotel compendiums

Boost Your Boutique or Specialty Hotel’s Revenue with fully branded Hotel Compendiums

Running a boutique or specialty hotel can be quite challenging. In addition to the day-to-day operational hurdles, there’s fierce competition from industry giants like Hilton and Marriott, who are celebrated for their luxurious accommodations and user-friendly digital concierge and digital compendium solutions.

In today’s competitive landscape, managing a small hotel demands innovative strategies to gain a competitive edge. One effective strategy worth considering is the adoption of digital concierge and compendium solutions for hotels. These powerful tools not only enhance the guest experience but also create opportunities for generating additional revenue for your boutique or specialty hotel.

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Embracing the Digital Revolution: Elevate Your Boutique or Specialty Hotel with Hotel Compendiums

Managing a Boutique or Specialty hotel is a substantial endeavor. Amidst the daily challenges, you’re constantly competing with industry giants like Hilton and Marriott, renowned for their luxurious accommodations and user-friendly digital concierge apps, designed to meet the modern traveler’s expectations.

In recent years, especially in 2020 and 2021, the world has witnessed an unprecedented digital revolution, setting new guest expectations. They now anticipate a seamless transition to a digital platform when choosing you.

Now is the opportune moment to invest in Orana Stay’s branded hotel app, transforming it into a sophisticated hotel compendium with a digital concierge. This strategic move will not only enhance guest satisfaction but also provide your boutique or specialty hotel with a competitive advantage in the ever-evolving hospitality landscape.

Maximize Your Boutique Hotel’s Earnings

Your guests are not just patrons; they are a valuable source of untapped income for your business. Whether your hotel is situated in the historic district of St. Augustine, USA, mesmerizes visitors in the Blue Mountains of Australia, or offers accommodations in the scenic Midlands of South Africa, there’s a solution that transcends geographical boundaries: Orana Stay.

Unlock additional revenue streams by utilizing hotel compendiums, regardless of your location, with Orana Stay.

Boutique hotels drive amazing guest experiences for hotel compendiums
Orana Stay ensures your guests have instant access to everything your venue has to offer

Competing with large chains using hotel compendiums

When you’re up against hospitality giants, competing can be a daunting task. Orana Stay provides you with a way to level the playing field by introducing hotel compendiums for your valued guests.

Designed specifically for Boutique and Specialty Hotels, Orana Stay not only enhances guest engagement but also has the potential to increase your revenue through cutting-edge technology. All of this is seamlessly delivered via a Progressive Web App (PWA) digital compendium that is fully branded and customized to align perfectly with your unique branding.

Comprehensive Customer Service

As a comprehensive software provider, our commitment lies in working closely with clients like you to personalize your app. Our objective is to craft a solution that not only captivates your guests but also showcases your accommodations while streamlining the exploration of new revenue opportunities. We specialize in creating hotel compendiums that are meticulously tailored to meet your precise specifications.

Orana Stay's deep integration with your booking software is a game-changer in the world of guest experience

How Orana Stay Elevates Your Boutique Hotel Experience using hotel compendiums

Orana Stay revolutionizes how your boutique hotel engages with guests, placing the power of hospitality in their hands, 24/7/365. In today’s digital age, guests always have their devices at their fingertips, even while on vacation. Traditional in-room guides are limited to the confines of the room, and guests rarely spend extended periods there.

With Orana Stay, your guests enjoy access to a treasure trove of curated content that extends far beyond the room through digital hotel compendiums. They can explore the latest information, receive personalized restaurant recommendations, stay informed about upcoming events, and discover local attractions—all at their convenience, even before check-in.

Moreover, Orana Stay empowers your boutique hotel to maximize upselling opportunities, providing tailored suggestions and experiences to enhance your guests’ stay. It’s like having a knowledgeable concierge at their service, available in 107 languages, ensuring an exceptional guest experience that surpasses the capabilities of a traditional paper compendium.

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