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Choosing the Right Digital Compendium App for Your Accommodation Business

Orana Stay is available in three styles and makes perfect hotel compendiums, and is there to drive the guest experience. Experience the difference with an Orana Stay Digital Compendium today

When it comes to selecting the ideal software for your digital compendium app or Welcome Guide, it’s crucial to find the perfect fit for your accommodation business.

At Orana Stay, we understand the challenges you face daily, and we aim to simplify the setup process, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Templates vs. Personalization: While templates can be useful, nothing beats a personalized experience for your guests. We take the time to discuss your area, unique guest benefits, and local attractions, ensuring your digital welcome guide is tailored to your property.

Orana Stay's deep integration with your booking software is a game-changer in the world of guest experience

Keeping it Simple: When crafting your digital welcome guide, remember these key goals:

  1. Be concise: Keep your content short and to the point to engage your guests from start to finish.
  2. Be crystal clear: Avoid assumptions and stick to simplicity to ensure your message is easily understood.
  3. Seek feedback: Before finalizing your guide, have a friend review it for valuable insights.

Utilize Shortcodes: Orana provides you with a unique shortcode for electronic messaging, such as emails and SMS, to promote your guide across all guest communications.

Creating a Personalized Welcome: Guests appreciate a warm, personalized welcome message from you. While templates are an option, crafting a message from your heart adds a special touch to the welcome guide.

Traveler’s Checklist: Inform your guests about what amenities you provide, helping them pack efficiently. During our consultation, we’ll ensure this information is clearly conveyed in your digital welcome guide.

Check-in and Check-out Instructions: Simplify the check-in process by providing clear, step-by-step instructions to alleviate any confusion for traveling guests.

House Rules: We’ll gather your house rules and display them prominently in the guide to ensure everyone understands and complies with them.

In-house Dining: Promote your in-house restaurant and allow guests to make reservations directly through the app, enhancing their dining experience.

Local Dining Options: Leverage your local knowledge to recommend the best cafes and restaurants, even offering easy booking and directions through the app.

Must-See Attractions: Highlight the area’s top attractions, from family-friendly beaches to thrilling surfing spots, mountain lookouts, and scenic walking trails.

Parking and Transportation: Provide guests with essential information about parking, height restrictions, and nearby public transportation options, including schedules and locations.

Emergency Contacts: Compile a comprehensive list of churches, mosques, hospitals, dentists, and pharmacies to assist guests in case of emergencies.

Branding Your App: Orana Stay can customize your app to align with your business branding, creating a seamless extension of your brand for your guests.

Embracing Digital Transformation: In 2024, it’s crucial to embrace digital solutions like a digital compendium app. Not only does it reduce paper usage, but it also saves you time in guide maintenance. Enhance customer engagement and boost bookings by offering a digital compendium on your guests’ devices, leading to improved reviews and increased reservations for your accommodation business.

Meet our First Customer

Your guests can book into activities, tourist attractions and so much more from your app

Don’t take our word for it, meet 14 Lovel Street

14 Lovel Street, nestled in the picturesque Blue Mountains, has emerged as a gem for travelers seeking a blend of comfort and adventure. This charming property, known for its serene ambiance and stunning natural surroundings, has recently seen a significant boost in both occupancy and guest satisfaction. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the implementation of Orana Stay, an innovative digital guidebook.

Orana Stay has transformed the guest experience at 14 Lovel Street by providing visitors with a wealth of information at their fingertips. From detailed guides on local attractions and hidden gems in the Blue Mountains to convenient access to house amenities and local recommendations, Orana Stay has enriched the travel experience.

Guest reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the ease and added value brought by this digital companion. With Orana Stay, guests feel more connected to the local culture and better equipped to explore the area, leading to an enhanced overall stay. The integration of this technology not only places 14 Lovel Street at the forefront of modern hospitality but also solidifies its reputation as a top choice for travelers to the Blue Mountains.

Gavin and Annette are the proud owners of 14 Lovel Street

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