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Make Your Digital Compendium Guide Shine

As a accommodation owner or manager, it is very likely you have experienced a few of those 3AM phone calls from stressed out guests asking how to get the TV to work. If you own or manage a large number of rentals, this can quickly get our of hand. While this many be an unpleasant situation for all parties involved, it does not have to be with a digital compendium (or welcome guide).

Think about it, answering the same questions not only takes you away from more important tasks, but it also tarnishes your reputation and perceived professionalism. To provide each and every guest with the best possible service, but without increasing your working hours, you can turn to a platform such as Orana Stay that solves this problem.

Why do you need a digital accommodation compendium?


So what is a digital compendium?

A Digital Compendium is a software information resource that resides on the guests’ phone or tablet in the form of an APP, and that guests can turn to before, during, and after their stay to ensure everything runs smoothly. The guide can contain anything from operating the fancy toaster to the best local coffee shop.

These guides help you minimize the stress for both you and your guests. Here are four great reasons why your business needs a digital holiday guide today:

1. Provide a stress-free guest experience

Airbnb hosts, hotels, and property managers right across the world are looking for innovative and affordable ways to enhance the guest experience. One of the best ways to boost that experience is using a digital compendium.

Your guest can use your digital compendium anywhere, even on the beach
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Simple things like when a supermarket is open can often go wrong, resulting in frustrated guests. While you are not at fault, it impacts the overall guest experience, and you can easily avoid it.

2. Save time and money

Guest inquiries cost you much time and, ultimately, money. While engaging guests can be enriching, your focus should be on marketing and upselling your business.

3. Promote your brand

You are a brand, and guests will review you as such. If you promote a friendly welcome from the minute, your guests book their holiday. You create the correct impression immediately. Before your guests have even set foot on your property, they already know how to get there, what facilities you have, and see any information they have to hand.

Orana Software will trailor your app to match your business branding
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Orana Software will trailor your app to match your business branding

Digital compendiums are a prime opportunity to show the kind and professional holiday owner or property manager that you are. Make sure the guide is aligned with your brand and take advantage of the awareness. At Orana, we will ensure we include your company logo and colors to raise brand awareness.

4. Increase your reviews, especially the 5-star ones

You will always be rewarded with favorable reviews when you go above and beyond for your guests. Your online reputation is a crucial deciding factor for those booking holidays. By making your expectations clear and setting your guests up for success, you’ll be surprised with an abundance of 5-star reviews.

Hang on, why don’t I just create a paper compendium instead?

Aside from the previously mentioned benefits, creating a digital compendium has advantages. The most important and obvious one, the future is paperless. Not only does this show your commitment to a sustainable future, but it is also a lot more convenient for guests.

A digital compendium is:

  • Environmentally friendly – by going paperless, you can drastically reduce your environmental impact. Paper production is a resource-intensive process, including the fact that water use in its production is significant.
  • More accessible – printed content might be more straightforward for the reader to absorb. Digital content is a lot easier, more accessible, and more convenient. Because guests can open the guide immediately after booking, you create the journey from booking, rather than waiting for them to arrive.
  • Easier to update – The biggest problem with physical compendiums is updating the content every time a change gets made. Digital versions allow you to make adjustments whenever you need, keeping your holiday rental business up to date 24/7/365. It also saves you money!
  • Much safer – The COVID-19 pandemic has quickly led to digitization worldwide. A digital compendium is contactless, making it an ideal solution. Not only does it promote self-help, but it also creates a sense of calm for guests knowing they can access important information without having to rely on interacting with people.
The Orana Stay app will showcase your venue long after a guest returns home
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We do not expect hosts and managers to be tech-savvy to create a stunning digital compendium. At Orana, we always do the first publication for you, meaning you get the advantage from our expertise without the headache of learning how to do it.

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