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Does my Airbnb property need a digital welcome book?

One of the common questions is if a digital welcome book or compendium is suitable for an Airbnb property. The short answer is that you should seriously consider it, for these reasons.

One of the most critical aspects of the welcome process is creating a strong impression for the guest experience. This is a lot more difficult with an Airbnb property because the guest may not necessarily engage directly with you. You could be using a hosting company to manage the property, which adds another layer of complexity.

Therefore, a digital welcome book is one of the most valuable things you as a host can provide. This will not only give them a valuable insight into the property before they even arrive at the door but it will, more importantly, make their trip memorable.

Get a digital welcome book for your AirBnB accommodation today

Think about this, when your guests arrive at your vacation rental, what experience do you actually want them to have? I am sure you will agree that you want them to feel like they are entering a warm and embracing home, where they can easily find everything they need, including important information about the surrounding area.

Ok, so there is probably a little bit of work involved in doing this. Perhaps even a bit of mind-reading! You need to ensure that each instruction is in the digital guide, emergency details, and where the best cafes are. The end goal is to avoid late-night phone calls from guests asking questions that could quickly be answered in the guide. A good service provider like Orana will do most of this for you.

When it comes to a digital welcome book, there are really only positives that come to light. Ultimately, your goal is to maximize excellent guest reviews, which drive further bookings, thus ultimately reducing your vacancy rate. A digital welcome guide, set up correctly, will achieve this for you.

A digital compendium will enhance your guest experience to ensure they become a returning visitor

So what are you waiting for? Get a digital welcome guide for your Airbnb property today.

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