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How to make an impressive guest experience

One of the most important aspects of any hospitality provider, is creating a warm and welcoming experience for guests.

No matter if you are a small B&B or the largest hotel, the guest experience comes first.

We have put this simple guide together which gives you 7 key steps each and every person in your business should adopt in order to create a fantastic guest experience.

  • It does not matter what your role is within the accommodation, when a guest walks in the door welcome them with a warm smile and eye contact. Obviously masks make this more difficult with the COVID restrictions, so use your hands to acknowledge their presence.
  • Once a guest is within 2 metres of your check-in area, you should always greet the guests. Recognition is an important part of the guest experience, so if you remember them staying before ensure you say “Welcome Back”, or “Really good to see you again”. If unsure, treat them as a new guest.
  • Never use a standard scripted greeting. Always deliver your greeting with sincerity. Try to keep it format at all times.
  • Always introduce yourself by name, professionally yet personally.
  • If you are busy with another guest, it is critical to acknowledge the arriving guest. You can do this with eye contact, a smile (assuming no masks), a nod or simply saying “I will be with you in a moment”.
  • If you are busy with a task, stop the task. The guest ALWAYS comes first.
  • Try and anticipate what your guest needs. The 5 W’s are fantastic for this.
    1. Why? Are you here, did you choose us?
    2. What? Are you planning to do, are your plans for dinner?
    3. Who? Are you travelling with, do they need assistance?
    4. Where? Did you hear about us, are you going tonight?
    5. When? Do you plan on dinner, is your rental arriving?
  • Always check if there is anything you can do to assist them further. Never assume, always ask “Is there anything else I can assist you with Mr xxx”
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