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Digital Concierges in Demand!

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TriCity News has shed light on the changing landscape of the accommodation industry where alternative get away options to hotels such as short term rentals has led hotels needing to increase amenities on offer to stay competitive. This is highlighted by their article below on 10 hotel amenities growing in popularity.
It is fantastic to see the demand for a digital concierge such as Orana Software is the home of Orana Stay’s concierge / digital welcome guide / digital guest guide / apps being shown.
Digital concierges / digital guest guides / guest experience apps are invaluable to all accommodation providers whether a hotel, short term rental provider, Airbnb, resort or holiday park.
Guests love having everything that they need and want to know immediately available to them! The opportunity to make restaurant and attraction bookings so easily and quickly adds to their exceptional time spent with you
Having a digital concierge will have them choosing to come back and stay with you instead of a competitor time and again.

Read the full TriCity News article:

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