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Attending industry conferences both in Australia and abroad is awesome! They are fantastic opportunities to chat person to person with both customers as well as industry peers and get a real insight into strategies and perceptions.

While at a recent Australian conference one of the delegates noticed that on our banner it was mentioned that Orana Stay’s digital welcome guide app translates instantly into 107 languages. “I don’t need that, my guests are all Australian”, she quipped. This led to a delightful conversation about how when the borders into each state of Australia shut my family and I holidayed in regional New South Wales, we visited areas that we previously would not have as we would have travelled interstate and it was so wonderful to have visited these regions. After chatting the lady went off on her way.
The reality though is that not all Australians are first language English speakers and having the opportunity to receive information in their mother tongue would be most welcome. So while international travel into Australia had been taking a backseat to interstate travel it does not mean that English is the only language flowing around the country. With such colourful multiculturalism that is Australia it is showing real consideration to celebrate this!

Taking a look through The Australian Bureau of Statistics analysis I have highlighted below.  It would appear that almost 10% of Australian residents would prefer to receive communication in a language other than English. Taking this into consideration when interacting with your guests is so important to driving the customer experience.

Our digital welcome guides translate from English into your guest’s own language which helps to extend the warmest of welcomes to guests from across the globe.  It makes guest communication so much easier for both your guests as well as yourself and affords your guests the opportunity to enjoy all that your accommodation and location has to offer without the challenge of not understanding the valuable information and insights being provided to them!

When guests feel valued they come back and stay with you time and again.

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