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Guest Experience and Technology in the Accommodation Sector

When businesses try to make their guests’ experiences better, they often think using more technology is the only way. But this isn’t always true. Sometimes, adding too much technology can make things worse, not better.

On a recent trip I had the unfortunate experience of having to check in using a machine which had what was effectively a zoom call to a remote person. I understand the reason they are doing this, but from a guest experience perspective it was possibly the worse experience I have ever had. Here I am revealing private information to some person in some foreign country, and then the system went offline! And there I stood for five minutes thinking how on earth do I now get into the room! Am I sleeping on the floor tonight.

Technology should be used carefully. It’s important to remember that what makes staying at a hotel or eating at a restaurant special is the personal touch—like having someone smile at you when you walk in or getting advice from someone who knows the area well. Businesses should use technology to help their staff give better service, not replace the personal touch. For example, technology can be used to make things faster or to keep track of what guests like, but there should always be a way for guests to talk to a real person if they need to. 

In short, technology is a tool that should be used to make good experiences even better, not to replace the human touch that makes those experiences special in the first place. 

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