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Orana Stay Reseller Program

Become an Orana Stay Partner

Have a passion for hospitality and want to use this to become an Orana Stay Partner to generate recurring revenue?

Then why not consider becoming a partner for Orana Stay today!

Some key benefits:

  • No zoned areas, the world is your oyster
  • Managed CRM so you easily register your customers
  • Furthermore, manage your customers to ensure lifelong revenue
  • Upsell to customers as new premium features become available
  • Fantastic support and technical base

Why become a reseller?

We live in a modern era, and many new jobs can be done by all circles, whether experienced in their fields or not. Becoming a reseller is one of the popular jobs right now.

Becoming a reseller does not require the investment of capital, it requires your time to gain knowledge of the software and who your target market is.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to becoming a reseller, with the most notable risk being that you will depend on us to deliver. We are acutely aware of this risk and have ways to manage this to ensure you remain in a strong position.

At Orana Software, we operate the revenue-sharing model, whereby you get rewarded according to our agreement and your earnings accummulate with every product you sell. There are no exclusive territories, so the world in your oyster. If you have a passion for selling, maybe want to earn some extra revenue or love the concept, get in touch and let’s talk reseller.

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