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Introducing our Association partnership

Providing your members with an amazing deal while putting extra income into your association

Keeping it Simple


All you need to do is share potential leads with us.


We handle the rest. No worries or extra work for you.


If the lead turns into a sale, you’ll get a 30% share of all revenue from that customer as long as they’re with us.

What do you need to do?

As an association, you have the opportunity to promote our APP to your members, offering them an incredible deal. This deal includes FREE setup, enabling them to only pay the monthly subscription fee from then on. You can market this offer through email or in-person communication, and we simplify the process by providing you with a dedicated landing page of your own that you pass on to the opportunity.

Why are you doing it?

This offer brings you three immediate benefits:

Firstly, it allows you to offer your members an affordable solution with significant savings to engage with guests visiting the area. 

Secondly, as an association, you will earn a continuous commission of 30% for the entire duration of the member’s relationship with us.

Thirdly, the guide will showcase the local area, attractions, events and businesses.

Choose between the classic look or the vibrant look, the choice is yours

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Telephone: (877) 505 6726 
Email : [email protected]

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